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Newly Patched SAP ASE Flaws Could Let Attackers Hack Database Servers

Newly Patched SAP ASE Flaws Could Let Attackers Hack Database Servers

June 03, 2020Ravie Lakshmanan
A new set of critical vulnerabilities uncovered in SAP's Sybase database software can grant unprivileged attackers complete control over a targeted database and even the underlying operating system in certain scenarios. The six flaws, disclosed by cybersecurity firm Trustwave today, reside in Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise ( ASE ), a relational database management software geared towards transaction-based applications. The cybersecurity company said the issues — both specific to the operating system and the platform as a whole — were discovered during a security testing of the product, one of which has a CVSS rating of 9.1. Identified as CVE-2020-6248 , the most severe vulnerability allows arbitrary code execution when making database backups, thus allowing an attacker to trigger the execution of malicious commands. "During database backup operations, there are no security checks for overwriting critical configuration files," Trustwave researchers said  in a
Nearly 95% of SAP Systems Vulnerable to Hackers

Nearly 95% of SAP Systems Vulnerable to Hackers

May 08, 2015Wang Wei
More than 95 percent of enterprise SAP installations exposed to high-severity vulnerabilities that could allow attackers to hijack a company's business data and processes, new research claims entirely. According to a new assessment released by SAP (short for Systems, Applications & Products) solutions provider Onapsis , the majority of cyber attacks against SAP applications in the enterprise are: Pivots - Pivoting from a low to high integrity systems in order to execute remote function modules. Database Warehousing - Exploiting flaws in the SAP RFC Gateway to execute admin privilege commands in order to obtain or modify information in SAP databases. Portal Attacks - Creating J2EE backdoor accounts by exploiting vulnerabilities to gain access to SAP portals and other internal systems. More than 250,000 SAP business customers worldwide, including 98 percent of the 100 most valued brands, are vulnerable for an average of 18 months period from when vulnerabilit
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