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How Cynet's Response Automation Helps Organizations Mitigate Cyber Threats

How Cynet's Response Automation Helps Organizations Mitigate Cyber Threats

September 22, 2021The Hacker News
One of the determining factors of how much damage a cyber-attack cause is how fast organizations can respond to it. Time to response is critical for security teams, and it is a major hurdle for leaner teams. To help improve this metric and enhance organizations' ability to respond to attacks quickly, many endpoint detection and response (EDR) and extended detection and response (XDR) vendors have started including some form of automation in their platforms to reduce the need for manual intervention. XDR provider Cynet claims that they go beyond existing solutions when it comes to security automation. More than automating individual components, the Cynet 360 platform ( see a live demo here ) offers automation across every phase of incident response – from detection through remediation. The company uses a variety of tools and techniques to keep organizations safe and quickly respond to any emerging threat. How Cynet removes the guesswork from Incident Response  Cynet fully automate
Download the Essential Guide to Response Automation

Download the Essential Guide to Response Automation

September 15, 2021The Hacker News
In the classic children's movie 'The Princess Bride,' one of the characters utters the phrase, " You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means ." It's freely used as a response to someone's misuse or misunderstanding of a word or phrase. "Response Automation" is another one of those phrases that have different meanings to different people. It's bantered around by the security vendor community so much that its precise meaning, when used, is unclear. Many vendors throw the term out without explaining exactly what they mean by the phrase. One vendor's response automation might, and often do, perform very differently from another vendor's response automation capabilities. But, hey, they have "response automation!" A recently published guide is meant to make sense of Response Automation ( Download here ). It discusses the evolution of response automation and distinguishes five increasingly capabl
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