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Why Continuous Security Testing is a Must for Organizations Today

Why Continuous Security Testing is a Must for Organizations Today

Sep 27, 2022
The global cybersecurity market is flourishing. Experts at Gartner predict that the end-user spending for the information security and risk management market will grow from $172.5 billion in 2022 to $267.3 billion in 2026.  One big area of spending includes the art of putting cybersecurity defenses under pressure, commonly known as security testing. MarketsandMarkets forecasts the global penetration testing (pentesting) market size is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 13.7% from 2022 to 2027. However, the costs and limitations involved in carrying out a penetration test are already hindering the market growth, and consequently, many cybersecurity professionals are making moves to find an alternative solution. Pentests aren't solving cybersecurity pain points Pentesting can serve specific and important purposes for businesses. For example, prospective customers may ask for the results of one as proof of compliance. However, for certain challenges, this
Penetration Testing Your AWS Environment - A CTO's Guide

Penetration Testing Your AWS Environment - A CTO's Guide

Oct 07, 2021
So, you've been thinking about getting a Penetration Test done on your Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment. Great! What should that involve exactly?  There are many options available, and knowing what you need will help you make your often limited security budget go as far as possible. Broadly, the key focus areas for most penetration tests involving AWS: Your externally accessible cloud infrastructure Any application(s) you're building or hosting Your internal cloud infrastructure Your AWS configuration itself Secrets management  We'll look at each one, starting with the most important: External Infrastructure The good news here is that, by default, AWS does its best to help you stay secure. For example, the default security groups don't let your EC2 instances receive communication from the outside world unless you actively specify it by adding additional rules. That said, AWS still allows you plenty of rope to hang yourself with if you're not carefu
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