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Red Hat patches multiple web application Vulnerabilities

Red Hat patches multiple web application Vulnerabilities

January 04, 2013Mohit Kumar
RED HAT has fixed multiple web application security issues that allowed hackers to extract website database using Blind SQL injection. Red Hat also confirmed a cross site scripting and Local File Inclusion Vulnerabilities on their website. Mohamed Ramadan Security Researcher and Trainer Attack-Secure , told ' The Hacker News ' that last year he reported 3 flaws to the company and they finally confirm and patch those in January 2013. Blind SQL injection is identical to normal SQL Injection except that when an attacker attempts to exploit an application, rather than getting a useful error message, they get a generic page specified by the developer instead. This makes exploiting a potential SQL Injection attack more difficult but not impossible. Local file inclusion is a vulnerability that allows the attacker to read files, that are stored locally through the web application.This happens because the code of the application does not properly sanitize the include
Sensitive server info leaked from Vulnerability

Sensitive server info leaked from Vulnerability

October 16, 2012Mohit Kumar
Kosova Hacker's Security group today release very sensitive server info of " The National Weather Service ", which was gathered due to a " Local file inclusion " Vulnerability in . By definition, Local File Inclusion (also known as LFI) is the process of including files on a server through the web browser. This vulnerability occurs when a page include is not properly sanitized, and allows directory traversal characters to be injected. Hackers publish complete data in a pastebin file uploaded today, but the hack was performed two day back and in meantime, server administrator fix the vulnerability. We just talk with the hacking crew to know the reason of hack and data exposure, one of them explain that they are against US policies, who are targeting muslim countries. " They hack our nuclear plants using STUXNET and FLAME like malwares , they are bombing us 24*7, we can't sit silent - hack to payback them " Hacker expo
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