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Movie Review: The Internet’s Own Boy - The story of Aaron Swartz

Movie Review: The Internet's Own Boy - The story of Aaron Swartz

Jun 30, 2014
Death is always painful, but its pains compounded considerably if its cause is suicide. When a suicide occurs, we aren't just left with the loss of a person, but we're also left with a legacy of anger, second-guessing, and fearful anxiety. Like in the case of the great Internet Activist Aaron Swartz. Aaron Hillel Swartz , an eclectic persona, was a self-taught programmer, Internet activist, co-founder of the popular social news website Reddit, founder of the organization Demand Progress and an activist who helped create the RSS feed format. In Fact, this isn't enough to define The Internet's Own Boy Aaron Swartz , who crafted the Internet we know today. Aaron Swartz committed suicide last year (when he was just a 26-year-old) after being threatened with the possibility of at least 35-year prison sentence and $4 million in fines by the Court for downloading millions of academic journal articles illegally over the digital library Jstor from MIT, with no bad intention ot
MIT University website defaced by Anonymous hackers in honor of Aaron Swartz

MIT University website defaced by Anonymous hackers in honor of Aaron Swartz

Jan 11, 2014
Today is January 11, 2014 and the last year on the same day a 26-year-old, young hacker, Reddit cofounder and the digital Activist, Aaron H. Swartz committed suicide. He found dead in his Brooklyn, New York apartment, where he had hanged himself. Swartz was indicted by a federal grand jury in July 2011, accused of hacking the MIT JSTOR database and stealing over four million documents with the intent to distribute them. He could have prison for 50 years and $4 million in fines by the Court, but before that he committed suicide in fear. Swartz's father, Robert, later blamed the MIT and the judiciary system for his son's death. On the first Anniversary of Aaron Swartz , today the Anonymous group of hackers defaced the sub-domain of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) website ( https://cogen.mit.edu/ ) for about an hour as part of #OPLASTRESORT. Defacement page was titled ' THE DAY WE FIGHT BACK '. The message posted on it, " Remember The Day We Fight Back,
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Cracking the Code to Vulnerability Management

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Make a Fresh Start for 2024: Clean Out Your User Inventory to Reduce SaaS Risk

Make a Fresh Start for 2024: Clean Out Your User Inventory to Reduce SaaS Risk

Dec 04, 2023SaaS Security / Data Security
As work ebbs with the typical end-of-year slowdown, now is a good time to review user roles and privileges and remove anyone who shouldn't have access as well as trim unnecessary permissions. In addition to saving some unnecessary license fees, a clean user inventory significantly enhances the security of your SaaS applications. From reducing risk to protecting against data leakage, here is how you can start the new year with a clean user list.  How Offboarded Users  Still  Have Access to Your Apps When employees leave a company, they trigger a series of changes to backend systems in their wake. First, they are removed from the company's identity provider (IdP), which kicks off an automated workflow that deactivates their email and removes access to all internal systems. When enterprises use an SSO (single sign-on), these former employees lose access to any online properties – including SaaS applications – that require SSO for login.  However, that doesn't mean that former employee
Anonymous Hackers dumps 600k Emails from most popular Israeli web portal

Anonymous Hackers dumps 600k Emails from most popular Israeli web portal

Feb 18, 2013
As part of  Operation Israel ( #OpIsrael )  Anonymous Hackers once again strike on Israeli infrastructure by dumping the 600,000 emails and passwords from one of the most popular Israeli web portal ' Walla ', which is know for providing news, search and e-mail system, among other things. Anonymous Activist knows ' AnonSabre ' dumped email addresses, password MD5 hashes and salts across 95 Pastebin posts containing this sensitive information have been published over the course of 24 hours. Walla also confirmed that the list was posted online, but they said that the information leaked by Hacker is Useless because the password posted by hacker is in Encrypted form.  I think, they are not aware about fastest MD5 cracker ' oclhashcat ' or other cloud based cracking services, anyway they also said," However, we are working on 'hermetically' sealing off user details in Walla! accounts, ". The #OpIsrael campaign was announced last December, a
RIP Aaron Swartz, A legendary Internet Activist

RIP Aaron Swartz, A legendary Internet Activist

Jan 13, 2013
Aaron Swartz has committed suicide on January 11, 2013 in New York City.  I have long been fought if you write something about this extraordinary boy, but not dedicate a tribute would be a shame. Aaron Swartz has decided to leave a huge void in the IT scenario.  For me, as the entire world he is a legend, a guy that has profoundly changed our daily work. Aaron Swartz is an eclectic persona; he is an hacker and active activist, co-founder of social news website Reddit and founder of the group Demand Progress. The EFF in a blog post states: " Aaron did more than almost anyone to make the Internet a thriving ecosystem for open knowledge, and to keep it that way. His contributions were numerous, and some of them were indispensable. When we asked him in late 2010 for help in stopping COICA, the predecessor to the SOPA and PIPA Internet blacklist bills, he founded an organization called Demand Progress, which mobilized over a million online activists and proved to be an inval
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