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Microsoft and Adobe Rolls Out Critical Security Updates - Patch Now!

Microsoft and Adobe Rolls Out Critical Security Updates - Patch Now!

Sep 14, 2016
In Brief You should not miss this month's Patch Updates, as it brings fixes for critical issues in Adobe Flash Player, iOS, Xcode, the Apple Watch, Windows, Internet Explorer, and the Edge browser. Adobe has rolled out a critical update to address several issues, most of which are Remote Code Execution flaws, in its widely-used Adobe Flash Player for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and ChromeOS. Whereas, Microsoft has released 14 security updates to fix a total of 50 vulnerabilities in Windows and related software. First of all, if you have Adobe Flash Player installed and have not yet updated your software plugin, you are playing with fire. Critical Flash Vulnerabilities Affect Windows, Mac, Linux and ChromeOS Adobe has released its l atest round of security patches to address critical vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and ChromeOS. The Flash vulnerabilities could potentially allow an attacker to take control of the vulnerable system. So, users are
Microsoft pushes Emergency Patch for Zero-Day Internet Explorer Flaw

Microsoft pushes Emergency Patch for Zero-Day Internet Explorer Flaw

Aug 19, 2015
It's time to immediately patch your Internet Explorer – Once again! Microsoft has issued an emergency out-of-band patch for all supported versions of Internet Explorer browser, to fix a critical security flaw that hackers are actively exploiting to hijack control of targeted computers. The Zero-Day flaw (assigned CVE-2015-2502 ) is a Remote Code Execution vulnerability that could be exploited when a user visits a booby-trapped website or open a malicious email on an affected machine. The security bug actually resides in the way Internet Explorer handles objects in memory. If successfully exploited, a hacker could gain the same user privileges as the current user. Therefore, users running administrator accounts on their machines as well as systems where IE is frequently used, like workstations or terminal servers, are particularly at the most risk from this vulnerability. Critical Zero-Day Vulnerability "An attacker who successfully exploited th
New Zero-Day Vulnerability CVE-2014-1776 Affects all Versions of Internet Explorer Browser

New Zero-Day Vulnerability CVE-2014-1776 Affects all Versions of Internet Explorer Browser

Apr 27, 2014
Microsoft confirmed a new Zero Day critical vulnerability in its browser Internet Explorer . Flaw affects all versions of Internet Explorer, starting with IE version 6 and including IE version 11. In a Security Advisory ( 2963983 ) released yesterday, Microsoft acknowledges a zero-day Internet Explorer vulnerability ( CVE-2014-177 6) is being used in targeted attacks by APT groups, but the currently active attack campaigns are targeting IE9, IE10 and IE11. INTERNET EXPLORER 0-DAY VULNERABILITY (CVE-2014-1776) According to Advisory, Internet Explorer is vulnerable to Remote Code Execution, which resides ' in the way that Internet Explorer accesses an object in memory that has been deleted or has not been properly allocated. ' Microsoft said. Microsoft Investigation team is currently working with FireEye Security experts, and dubbed the ongoing targeted campaign as " Operation Clandestine Fox ". In a blogpost , FireEye explained that an attacker c
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Protecting Your Organization From Insider Threats - All You Need to Know

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Get practical insights and strategies to manage inadequate offboarding and insider risks effectively.
What's the Right EDR for You?

What's the Right EDR for You?

May 10, 2024Endpoint Security / Threat Detection
A guide to finding the right endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution for your business' unique needs. Cybersecurity has become an ongoing battle between hackers and small- and mid-sized businesses. Though perimeter security measures like antivirus and firewalls have traditionally served as the frontlines of defense, the battleground has shifted to endpoints. This is why endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions now serve as critical weapons in the fight, empowering you and your organization to detect known and unknown threats, respond to them quickly, and extend the cybersecurity fight across all phases of an attack.  With the growing need to defend your devices from today's cyber threats, however, choosing the right EDR solution can be a daunting task. There are so many options and features to choose from, and not all EDR solutions are made with everyday businesses and IT teams in mind. So how do you pick the best solution for your needs? Why EDR Is a Must Because of
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