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Simple Yet Effective eBay Bug Allows Hackers to Steal Passwords

Simple Yet Effective eBay Bug Allows Hackers to Steal Passwords

Jan 12, 2016
A simple, yet effective flaw discovered on eBay's website exposed hundreds of millions of its customers to an advance  Phishing Attack . An Independent Security Researcher reported a critical vulnerability to eBay last month that had the capability to allow hackers to host a fake login page, i.e. phishing page, on eBay website in an effort to steal users' password and harvest credentials from millions of its users. The researchers, nicknamed MLT , said anyone could have exploited the vulnerability to target eBay users in order to take over their accounts or harvest thousands, or even millions, of eBay customers credentials by sending phishing emails to them. MLT published a blog post about the eBay flaw on Monday, demonstrating how easy it is to exploit the flaw like this and steal customers' passwords. Here's How ebay Hack Works The flaw actually resided in the URL parameter that allowed the hacker to inject his iFrame on the legitimate eBay
Hacking any eBay Account in Just 1 Minute

Hacking any eBay Account in Just 1 Minute

Sep 22, 2014
Four month ago, a massive data breach on the eBay website affected 145 million registered users worldwide after its database was compromised. Meanwhile, another critical vulnerability on the eBay website was reported, allowing an attacker to hijack millions of user accounts in bulk. An Egyptian security researcher ' Yasser H. Ali ' informed The Hacker News about this vulnerability 4 months ago, which could be used by the cyber criminals in the targeted attacks. At that time, Mr.Yasser secretly demonstrated the vulnerability step-by-step to ' The Hacker News ' team and we confirmed - IT WORKS . Since it was not addressed by the eBay security team, we kept the technical details of this vulnerability hidden from our readers. But, as we promised to share the technical details of this interesting flaw, once after eBay team patch it. So, Here we go! The vulnerability Yasser found could allow you to Reset Password of any eBay user account and that too without any user interaction or d
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