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NIST and HIPAA: Is There a Password Connection?

NIST and HIPAA: Is There a Password Connection?

April 08, 2021The Hacker News
When dealing with user data, it's essential that we design our password policies around compliance. These policies are defined both internally and externally. While companies uphold their own password standards, outside forces like HIPAA and NIST have a heavy influence. Impacts are defined by industry and one's unique infrastructure. How do IT departments maintain compliance with NIST and HIPAA? We'll discuss each compliance measure and its importance in this article. What is NIST compliance? Defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST compliance aims to harden federal systems against cyber-attacks. While the agency is non-regulatory, it  is  part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, which has plenty of influence over government agencies and their contractors. For example, NIST guidelines help agencies  satisfy the requirements of the Federal Information Security Management Act  (FISMA). NIST is instrumental in creating Federal Information Proce
The Comprehensive Compliance Guide (Get Assessment Templates)

The Comprehensive Compliance Guide (Get Assessment Templates)

November 13, 2019The Hacker News
Complying with cyber regulations forms a significant portion of the CISO's responsibility. Compliance is, in fact, one of the major drivers in the purchase and implementation of new security products. But regulations come in multiple different colors and shapes – some are tailored to a specific vertical, while others are industry-agnostic. Some bare explicit consequences for failing to comply, while others have a more guidance-like nature. The Comprehensive Security Guide (download here) , for the first time, provides security executives with a single document that gathers standardized and easy to use templates of all main compliance frameworks: PCI-DSS, HIPAA, NIST Cyber Security Framework and GDPR. Employing an independent auditor is the common practice to ensure one complies with the desired regulation. However, before having an external auditor excavating through the organizations' security stack internals, it makes sense for the security stakeholders to independ
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