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FBI Arrests Two Hackers Who Hacked US Spy Chief, FBI and CIA Director

FBI Arrests Two Hackers Who Hacked US Spy Chief, FBI and CIA Director

Sep 08, 2016
US authorities have arrested two North Carolina men on charges that they were part of the notorious hacking group " Crackas With Attitude ." Crackas with Attitude is the group of hackers who allegedly was behind a series of audacious and embarrassing hacks that targeted personal email accounts of senior officials at the CIA, FBI, the White House, Homeland Security Department, and other US federal agencies. Andrew Otto Boggs, 22, of North Wilkesboro, N.C., who allegedly used the handle " INCURSIO ," and Justin Gray Liverman, 24, of Morehead City, who known online as " D3F4ULT ," were arrested on Thursday morning on charges related to their alleged roles in the computer hacking, according to a press release by Department of Justice. A 16-year-old British teenager suspected of being part of the group was arrested in February by the FBI and British police. Although court documents did not name the victims, the hacking group had allegedly: Hacked
FBI Deputy Director's Email Hacked by Teenager Who Hacked CIA Chief

FBI Deputy Director's Email Hacked by Teenager Who Hacked CIA Chief

Nov 06, 2015
The same group of teenage hackers that hacked the AOL email account of the CIA director John Brennan two weeks ago has now hacked into AOL email accounts of the FBI Deputy Director, Mark Giuliano and his wife. Yesterday, Cracka , a member of the teenage hacktivist group known as ' Crackas With Attitude ' (CWA) posted a new trove of information belong to thousands of government employees online; however they claim to have accessed far more than that. The hackers claimed to have obtained the personal information by hacking into AOL email accounts of the Giuliano and his wife. More Than 3,500 Government Employees Doxxed The published information includes more than 3,500 names, email addresses and contact numbers of law enforcement and military personnel. Though the FBI officials couldn't immediately verify the claims, Infowars has confirmed the authenticity of several people listed, which includes everyone from local police officers to FBI and mili
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Anonymous Hackers may have hacked Former CIA Director

Anonymous Hackers may have hacked Former CIA Director

Nov 11, 2012
CIA Director was uncovered when a woman described as close to him received harassing emails and complained to authorities. The FBI traced the emails and found that they had been sent by Paula Broadwell, who wrote a highly favorable book on the former Army general's life and work. While initially investigating the reports, the FBI feared the CIA director's personal email account may have been hacked, but the sexual nature of the email exchanges exposed the affair. A Yahoo email account belonging to former CIA Director David Petraeus may have been compromised by the group Anonymous. The personal email account was exposed during the the leak of commercial intelligence company STRATFOR by Anonymous Hackers, among other millions of email accounts of customers belongs to the company.  The emails sent by Broadwell indicated that she perceived the other woman as a threat to her relationship with Petraeus, law enforcement officials. Anonymous also obtained email logins to ST
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