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New Cyber Platform Lab 1 Decodes Dark Web Data to Uncover Hidden Supply Chain Breaches

New Cyber Platform Lab 1 Decodes Dark Web Data to Uncover Hidden Supply Chain Breaches

Mar 20, 2023 Data Breach / Dark Web
2022 was the year when inflation hit world economies, except in one corner of the global marketplace – stolen data. Ransomware payments fell by over 40% in 2022 compared to 2021. More organisations chose not to pay ransom demands, according to findings by blockchain firm Chainalysis. Nonetheless, stolen data has value beyond a price tag, and in risky ways you may not expect. Evaluating stolen records is what  Lab 1, a new cyber monitoring platform , believes will make a big difference for long-term cybersecurity resilience. Think of data value this way:  Stolen credentials can become future phishing attacks Logins for adult websites are potential extortion attempts Travel and location data are a risk to VIPs and senior leadership, And so on… Hackers could retaliate for non-payment by simply posting their loot to forums where the data will be available for further enrichment and exploitation.  Shining a light on dark places Even though your company may not have suffered a di
A New Free Monitoring Tool to Measure Your Dark Web Exposure

A New Free Monitoring Tool to Measure Your Dark Web Exposure

May 28, 2020
Last week, application security company ImmuniWeb released a new free tool  to monitor and measure an organization's exposure on the Dark Web. To improve the decision-making process for cybersecurity professionals, the free tool crawls Dark Web marketplaces, hacking forums, and Surface Web resources such as Pastebin or GitHub to provide you with a classified schema of your data being offered for sale or leaked. All you need to launch a Dark Web search is to enter your domain name. The volume of stolen credentials on the Dark Web is booming This week, over 26 million user records, including plaintext passwords, stolen from LiveJournal appeared on a Dark Web marketplace for as low as $35. The present week is likewise sadly marked with a compromise of 31 SQL databases (with 1.6 million rows of client data) from webshop owners. There were 7,098 breaches reported in 2019, exposing over 15.1 billion records, a new worst year on record according to Risk Based Security report
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Cracking the Code to Vulnerability Management

websitewiz.ioVulnerability Management / Cloud Security
Vulnerability management in the cloud is no longer just about patches and fixes. In this latest report, the Wiz Security Research team put vulnerability management theory into practice using recently identified vulnerabilities as examples. Get the FREE report
New Report: Unveiling the Threat of Malicious Browser Extensions

New Report: Unveiling the Threat of Malicious Browser Extensions

Dec 06, 2023Browser Security / Privacy
Compromising the browser is a high-return target for adversaries. Browser extensions, which are small software modules that are added to the browser and can enhance browsing experiences, have become a popular browser attack vector. This is because they are widely adopted among users and can easily turn malicious through developer actions or attacks on legitimate extensions. Recent incidents like  DataSpii  and the  Nigelthorn  malware attack have exposed the extent of damage that malicious extensions can inflict. In both cases, users innocently installed extensions that compromised their privacy and security. The underlying issue lies in the permissions granted to extensions. These permissions, often excessive and lacking granularity, allow attackers to exploit them. What can organizations do to protect themselves from the risks of browser extensions without barring them from use altogether (an act that would be nearly impossible to enforce)?  A new report by LayerX, "Unveiling the
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