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Abcbot Botnet Linked to Operators of Xanthe Cryptomining malware

Abcbot Botnet Linked to Operators of Xanthe Cryptomining malware

January 10, 2022Ravie Lakshmanan
New research into the infrastructure behind an emerging DDoS botnet named Abcbot has uncovered "clear" links with a cryptocurrency-mining botnet attack that came to light in December 2020. Attacks involving Abcbot, first  disclosed  by Qihoo 360's Netlab security team in November 2021, are  triggered  via a malicious shell script that targets insecure cloud instances operated by cloud service providers such as Huawei, Tencent, Baidu, and Alibaba Cloud to download malware that co-opts the machine to a botnet, but not before terminating processes from competing threat actors and establishing persistence. The shell script in question is itself an iteration of an earlier version originally  discovered  by Trend Micro in October 2021 hitting vulnerable ECS instances inside Huawei Cloud. But in an interesting twist, continued analysis of the botnet by mapping all known Indicators of Compromise (IoCs), including IP addresses, URLs, and samples, has revealed Abcbot's cod
On-Demand Webinar: Into the Cryptoverse

On-Demand Webinar: Into the Cryptoverse

November 17, 2021The Hacker News
In the span of a few years, cryptocurrencies have gone from laughingstock and novelty to a serious financial instrument, and a major sector in high-tech. The price of Bitcoin and Ethereum has gone from single dollars to thousands, and they're increasingly in the mainstream.  This is undoubtedly a positive development, as it opens new avenues for finance, transactions, tech developments, and more. Unfortunately, no innovation is without its dark side, and the crypto industry is no exception. A new webinar from XDR provider Cynet ( you can see it here ) dives deeper into this dark corner to explore the intersection of cybersecurity and cryptocurrency.  The first question is how, exactly, cryptocurrency creates security vulnerabilities for organizations. There's no single answer, and in many cases, the results are more indirect. This bears closer inspection, and the webinar, led by Cynet  CyOps Analyst  Ronen Ahdut, studies the different ways cryptocurrencies are used by attackers.  I
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