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Researchers Detail Emerging Cross-Platform BianLian Ransomware Attacks

Researchers Detail Emerging Cross-Platform BianLian Ransomware Attacks

Sep 01, 2022
The operators of the emerging cross-platform BianLian ransomware have increased their command-and-control (C2) infrastructure this month, a development that alludes to an increase in the group's operational tempo. BianLian, written in the Go programming language, was first discovered in mid-July 2022 and has claimed 15 victim organizations as of September 1, cybersecurity firm [redacted] said in a  report  shared with The Hacker News. It's worth noting that the double extortion ransomware family has no connection to an  Android banking trojan  of the same name, which targets mobile banking and cryptocurrency apps to siphon sensitive information. Initial access to victim networks is achieved via successful exploitation of the  ProxyShell  Microsoft Exchange Server flaws, leveraging it to either drop a web shell or an ngrok payload for follow-on activities. "BianLian has also targeted SonicWall VPN devices for exploitation, another common target for ransomware groups,&
Warning: Cross-Platform ElectroRAT Malware Targeting Cryptocurrency Users

Warning: Cross-Platform ElectroRAT Malware Targeting Cryptocurrency Users

Jan 05, 2021
Cybersecurity researchers today revealed a wide-ranging scam targeting cryptocurrency users that began as early as January last year to distribute trojanized applications to install a previously undetected remote access tool on target systems. Called ElectroRAT by Intezer, the RAT is written from ground-up in Golang and designed to target multiple operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and macOS.  The apps are developed using the open-source Electron cross-platform desktop app framework. "ElectroRAT is the latest example of attackers using Golang to develop multi-platform malware and evade most antivirus engines," the researchers said . "It is common to see various information stealers trying to collect private keys to access victims wallets. However, it is rare to see tools written from scratch and targeting multiple operating systems for these purposes." The campaign, first detected in December, is believed to have claimed over 6,500 victims based on th
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Guide: How to Minimize Third-Party Risk With Vendor Management

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Manage third-party risk while dealing with challenges like limited resources and repetitive manual processes.
How to Handle Retail SaaS Security on Cyber Monday

How to Handle Retail SaaS Security on Cyber Monday

Nov 27, 2023SaaS Security / Cyber Monday
If forecasters are right, over the course of today, consumers will spend  $13.7 billion . Just about every click, sale, and engagement will be captured by a CRM platform. Inventory applications will trigger automated re-orders; communication tools will send automated email and text messages confirming sales and sharing shipping information.  SaaS applications supporting retail efforts will host nearly all of this behind-the-scenes activity. While retailers are rightfully focused on sales during this time of year, they need to ensure that the SaaS apps supporting their business operations are secure. No one wants a repeat of one of the biggest retail cyber-snafus in history, like when one U.S.-based national retailer had 40 million credit card records stolen.  The attack surface is vast and retailers must remain vigilant in protecting their entire SaaS app stack. For example, many often use multiple instances of the same application. They may use a different Salesforce tenant for eve
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