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Chinese Telecom Routes Russian Domestic Internet Traffic through China

Chinese Telecom Routes Russian Domestic Internet Traffic through China

Nov 11, 2014
Russian Internet traffic, including the domestic one, has continuously been re-routed outside the country due to routing errors by China Telecom , which could result in compromising the security of Russian communications. Internet monitoring service Dyn reported Thursday in a blog post that the apparent networking fault is due to the weakness in the Border gateway protocol (BGP) , which forms the underpinning of the Internet's global routing system. The problem started after the BGP peering agreement signed between the China Telecom and top Russian mobile provider Vimpelcom in order to save money on transit operators, so that some of the domestic traffic may carried over the other's network rather than through a more expensive transit operator. Under this deal, Russian domestic traffic was repeatedly being routed to routers operated by China Telecom. Routing Traffic allows law enforcement agencies and hackers with the ability to monitor. " Unlike other routin
Google Public DNS Server Traffic Hijacked

Google Public DNS Server Traffic Hijacked

Mar 17, 2014
The Internet is becoming a dangerous place day-by-day and especially for those innocent web users who rely on 3rd party services. The latest bad news is that the World's largest and most widely used Google's free public DNS (Domain name system) resolvers  raised   security red flags yesterday. DNS is the master address list for the Internet, which translates IP addresses into human readable form and vice versa. According to Internet monitoring firm BGPmon , Google's DNS server /32 was hijacked yesterday for 22 minutes. The Google's DNS server handles around 150 billion queries a day and during the 22 minutes of hijacking, millions of Internet users, including Financial institutions , Governments were redirected to BT's (British multinational telecommunications services company) Latin America division in Venezuela and Brazil. It is suspected that Hackers exploited a well-known  vulnerability in the so-called Border Gateway Protocol ( BGP) , which
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