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Google Secretly Planning to Launch a Censored Search Engine in China

Google Secretly Planning to Launch a Censored Search Engine in China

Aug 01, 2018
After an eight-year-long absence from the most populated country in the world, Google search is going to dramatically make a comeback in China. Google is reportedly planning to launch a censored version of its search engine in China that is going to blacklist certain websites and search terms to comply with Chinese government's attempts to censor the Internet, a whistleblower revealed. According to leaked documents obtained by The Intercept, CEO Sundar Pichai met with a Chinese government official in December 2017 to re-enter the world's largest market for internet users. Project Dragonfly — Censored Google Search Engine Since spring last year Google engineers have been secretly working on a project, dubbed " Dragonfly ," which currently includes two Android mobile apps named—Maotai and Longfei—one of which will get launched by the end of this year after Chinese officials approve it. The censored version of Google search engine in the form of a mobile app report
GitHub hit by Massive DDoS Attack From China

GitHub hit by Massive DDoS Attack From China

Mar 28, 2015
Github – a popular coding website used by programmers to collaborate on software development – was hit by a large-scale distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack for more than 24 hours late Thursday night. It seems like when users from outside countries visit different websites on the Internet that serve advertisements and tracking code from Chinese Internet giant Baidu , the assailants on Chinese border quietly inject malicious JavaScript code into the pages of those websites. The code instructs browsers of visitors to those websites to rapidly connect to GitHub.com every two seconds in a way that visitors couldn't smell, creating "an extremely large amount of traffic," according to a researcher who goes by the name A nthr@x . "A certain device at the border of China's inner network and the Internet has hijacked the HTTP connections went into China, replaced some JavaScript files from Baidu with malicious ones," A nthr@x wrote at Insight La
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Sony Xperia Devices Secretly Sending User Data to Servers in China

Sony Xperia Devices Secretly Sending User Data to Servers in China

Oct 29, 2014
If you own a Sony smartphone either the Android 4.4.2 or 4.4.4 KitKat firmware then inadvertently you may be transmitting your data back to the servers in China, even if you haven't installed any application. Quite surprising but it's true. I know many of you haven't expected such practices from a Japanese company, but reports popping up at several forums suggest that some new Sony Xperia handsets seem to contain the Baidu spyware . MYSTERIOUS BAIDU SPYWARE About a month ago, a group of community users of Sony smartphone detected the presence of a strange folder, named " Baidu ", mysteriously appeared from among those present in various versions of Android for these handsets. The creepy part is that the folder is created automatically without the owners permission and there is no way of deleting it. Even if someone tries to remove it, it instantly reappears as well as unticking the folder from device administrator equally seems to do nothing, neither does starting t
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