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THN Weekly Roundup — 15 Most Popular Cyber Security and Hacking News Stories

THN Weekly Roundup — 15 Most Popular Cyber Security and Hacking News Stories

Sep 14, 2015
We are once again here with our weekly round up based on last week's top cyber security threats and challenges. I recommend you to read the entire thing ( just click ' Read More ' because there's some valuable advice in there as well ). Here's the list: 1. Reminder! If You have not yet, Turn Off Windows 10 Keylogger Now Microsoft is very powerful in tracking every single word you type or say to its digital assistant Cortana using its newest Windows 10 operating system. The keylogger that Microsoft put in the  Technical Preview of Windows 10  last fall made its way to  Windows 10 Free  public release first rolled out back in July. Besides various  Windows 10 privacy issues , there is a software component that is a bit more complicated than you thought. It tracks your inputs using: Keyboard Voice Screen Mouse Stylus Information about your Calendar and Contacts If this keylogger, which is more than just a keylogger, makes you feel creepy then need
Samsung Launches 6GB RAM Chips for Next Generation Smartphones

Samsung Launches 6GB RAM Chips for Next Generation Smartphones

Sep 09, 2015
With Launch of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge , Samsung was the first one to bring 4GB RAM access in the Android mobile phones; with Samsung Note 5 and the current OnePlus 2 carrying the same RAM capacity. Now, today Samsung has again taken the technology a step further with the launch of 12GB LPDDR4 ( low power, double data rate 4 ) DRAM Chip that will offer 6GB RAM for the upcoming Next Generation Smartphones and tablets. The latest DRAM chip version 12 comes with such technology that accelerates: Advanced 20-nanometer (nm) Process Technology 30% fast speed than the previous 8GB LPDDR4 20% Less energy consumption Increased Manufacturing productivity to 50% The next generation mobile phones are supposed to be equipped with the new mobile DRAM chip enabling increased capacity and fastest speed with simultaneously providing essentials (for building a smarter mobile device) such as: Excellent energy efficiency Reliability Ease of design Smooth multitasking Better pe
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