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Adobe Releases Critical Patches for Flash, Acrobat Reader, and Media Encoder

Adobe Releases Critical Patches for Flash, Acrobat Reader, and Media Encoder

May 14, 2019
Adobe today released its monthly software updates to patch a total of 87 security vulnerabilities in its Adobe Acrobat and Reader, Flash Player and Media Encoder, most of which could lead to arbitrary code execution attacks or worse. None of the flaws patched this month in Adobe products has been found exploited in the wild. Out of 87 total flaws, a whopping number of vulnerabilities (i.e., 84 in total) affect Adobe Acrobat and Reader applications alone, where 42 of them are critical and rest 42 are important in severity. Upon successful exploitation, all critical vulnerabilities in Adobe Acrobat and Reader software lead to arbitrary code execution, allowing attackers to take complete control over targeted systems. Adobe has released updated versions of Acrobat and Reader software for Windows and macOS operating systems to address these security vulnerabilities. The update for Adobe Flash Player , which will receive security patch updates until the end of 2020, comes this
Patch released for critical Adobe vulnerabilities

Patch released for critical Adobe vulnerabilities

Feb 20, 2013
Today Adobe released a patch for two critical vulnerabilities (CVE-2013-0640 and CVE-2013-0641) that are already being exploited by attackers. Adobe released version 11.0.02 of its Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat Pro applications.  Vulnerabilities affect Adobe Reader and Acrobat XI (11.0.01 and earlier), X (10.1.5 and earlier) and 9.5.3 and earlier for Windows and Mac OS X systems. " These updates address vulnerabilities that could cause a crash and potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system ." security advisory  reads . Exploits were discovered by security company FireEye and researchers with antivirus provider Kaspersky Lab have confirmed the exploit can successfully escape the Adobe sandbox. Users can update the software through the built-in updater or by downloading a copy of the  Windows ,  Mac , or  Linux  installer directly from Adobe's website. 
New Adobe Reader Zero-Day Vulnerability spotted in the wild

New Adobe Reader Zero-Day Vulnerability spotted in the wild

Feb 14, 2013
FireEye researchers recently came across a zero-day security flaw in Adobe Reader that's being actively exploited in the wild. The zero-day vulnerability is in Adobe PDF Reader 9.5.3, 10.1.5, 11.0.1 and earlier versions. According to researchers, once malware takes advantage of the flaw, its payload drops two dynamic-link libraries, or DLLs, which are application extensions used by executable files to perform a task. In this case, they allow the infected computer to communicate with a hacker-owned server. No additional details about the zero-day vulnerabilities have been publicly released, and but researchers with antivirus provider Kaspersky Lab have confirmed the exploit can successfully escape the Adobe sandbox. " We have already submitted the sample to the Adobe security team. Before we get confirmation from Adobe and a mitigation plan is available, we suggest that you not open any unknown PDF files ," said FireEye team. But until the vulnerability gets patched,
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What's the Right EDR for You?

May 10, 2024Endpoint Security / Threat Detection
A guide to finding the right endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution for your business' unique needs. Cybersecurity has become an ongoing battle between hackers and small- and mid-sized businesses. Though perimeter security measures like antivirus and firewalls have traditionally served as the frontlines of defense, the battleground has shifted to endpoints. This is why endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions now serve as critical weapons in the fight, empowering you and your organization to detect known and unknown threats, respond to them quickly, and extend the cybersecurity fight across all phases of an attack.  With the growing need to defend your devices from today's cyber threats, however, choosing the right EDR solution can be a daunting task. There are so many options and features to choose from, and not all EDR solutions are made with everyday businesses and IT teams in mind. So how do you pick the best solution for your needs? Why EDR Is a Must Because of
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