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27 Malicious PyPI Packages with Thousands of Downloads Found Targeting IT Experts

27 Malicious PyPI Packages with Thousands of Downloads Found Targeting IT Experts

Nov 17, 2023 Software Supply Chain / API Security
An unknown threat actor has been observed publishing typosquat packages to the Python Package Index (PyPI) repository for nearly six months with an aim to deliver malware capable of gaining persistence, stealing sensitive data, and accessing cryptocurrency wallets for financial gain. The 27 packages, which masqueraded as popular legitimate Python libraries, attracted thousands of downloads, Checkmarx said in a new report. A majority of the downloads originated from the U.S., China, France, Hong Kong, Germany, Russia, Ireland, Singapore, the U.K., and Japan. "A defining characteristic of this attack was the utilization of steganography to hide a malicious payload within an innocent-looking image file, which increased the stealthiness of the attack," the software supply chain security firm  said . Some of the packages are pyefflorer, pyminor, pyowler, pystallerer, pystob, and pywool, the last of which was planted on May 13, 2023. A common denominator to these packages is t
Make API Management Less Scary for Your Organization

Make API Management Less Scary for Your Organization

Oct 24, 2023 API Management / Cybersecurity
While application development has evolved rapidly, the API management suites used to access these services remain a spooky reminder of a different era. Introducing new API management infrastructure with these legacy models still poses challenges for organizations as they modernize. Transitioning from monolithic architectures to agile microservices empowers developers to make quick changes. Using serverless technologies and containers enables rapid scalability. Adopting cloud-native API management further enhances developer productivity and leaves the ghosts of outdated operations behind. This blog uncovers the risks of neglecting API modernization and highlights how Gloo Gateway enhances upstream projects like Envoy with essential enterprise features like security, observability, and API controls. What's more, as a Kubernetes-native solution, Gloo Gateway seamlessly integrates with the Kubernetes API for easy deployment. Gloo Gateway adds enterprise capabilities to upstream open sou
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