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Google Created Faster Storage Encryption for All Low-End Devices

Google Created Faster Storage Encryption for All Low-End Devices

Feb 08, 2019
Google has launched a new encryption algorithm that has been built specifically to run on mobile phones and smart IoT devices that don't have the specialized hardware to use current encryption methods to encrypt locally stored data efficiently. Encryption has already become an integral part of our everyday digital activities. However, it has long been known that encryption is expensive, as it causes performance issues, especially for low-end devices that don't have hardware support for making the encryption and decryption process faster. Since data security concerns have recently become very important, not using encryption is no more a wise tradeoff, and at the same time, using a secure but slow device on which apps take much longer to launch is also not a great idea. Currently Android OS supports AES-128-CBC-ESSIV for full-disk encryption and AES-256-XTS for file-based encryption, and Google has already made it mandatory for device manufacturers to include AES encry
Anonymous leaks Classified Documents from Greek Finance Ministry server

Anonymous leaks Classified Documents from Greek Finance Ministry server

Oct 29, 2012
Collective hacking group Anonymous  leaks username-passwords  and classified documents from Greek Finance Ministry server. Just a few days before the Greek Parliament is scheduled to vote on a $17.45 billion spending cut and tax hike plan. Attack was carried out under anonymous operation named - #opGreece . The leaked documents include various classified data from e-mails that were exchanged between the Greek Ministry and envoys from international lenders negotiating more austerity measures and bailouts, to thousands of passwords of Greek individuals and evaluations of banks. " The cyber-attack was described as one of the most serious against Greek government networks " secnews.gr said in report .  The attackers claim that they wanted to expose the date on the state of Greek economy so that all Greeks know the truth and thus just days before the 13.5-billion-euro austerity package goes to Parliament for voting. " Citizens of Greece you are paying Banks and internation
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