The attack surface is virtually expanding before our eyes. Protecting assets across multiple locations, with multiple solutions from different vendors, has become a daily concern for CISOs globally.

In a new e-book recently published (download here), CISOs with small security teams talk about the drivers for replacing their EDR/NGAV solutions with an Autonomous XDR solution and why they believe consolidation provides significant benefits to organization and team.

The first topic discussed is the need to ensure coverage and have optimal visibility in order to uncover even stealthy threats. Organizations keep adding more and more security solutions that extend visibility, yet these solutions need to be maintained, monitored, and managed, taking up quite a bit of the analyst's time.

In addition, these systems each provide some visibility leaving the analysts to make contextual connections and create the complete attack storyline. Unfortunately, these processes take time, and some things get lost in the process.

Autonomous XDR solutions can solve that as they provide complete visibility of the internal attack surface, as well as consolidate security capabilities of multiple tools into a single platform.

But visibility is not enough. Small teams spend a lot of their time and resources on operations and manual tasks of security solutions such as NGAV and XDRs to ensure they make informed and accurate decisions.

This is where the high level of automation an Autonomous XDR offers is most valuable. The automation of detection processes and investigation workflows, leverages analysts to save time as well as focus on alerts that pose a greater risk to business continuity first. In addition, with pre-built automated remediation actions, Autonomous XDRs enable to accelerate and optimize incident response and run full-scale remediation efficiently.

It is important to note that CISOs tend to also see the value of strengthening their team with MDR services that are often provided by the XDR solution provider, sometimes even at no extra charge.

Of course, the budget is many times what drives the corporate decisions. Every CISO struggles with budget requests and budget constraints while trying to balance business and security needs. When it comes to replacing existing solutions, being able to show how what you invested so far isn't just going down the drains will help get that new budget.

Replacing your NGAV/EDR solutions with a single Autonomous XDR platform that provides all the capabilities and more, and leverages your team to do more with their existing resources, will enable you to provide better security resilience with a lower TCO.

Facing ongoing and new challenges is part of a CISO's job description. If you have a small team, some of these challenges become a daily concern. Replacing your EDR and NGAV solutions with an Autonomous XDR provides a great opportunity to address some of these concerns.

Download the eBook here

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