Google is doubling the maximum APK file size on the Play Store from 50 MB to 100 MB.

That means...

Android app developers can now build higher quality Apps and Games that users love.

Of course, for an end user it may affect the overall app performance and installation time, as well as mobile data connectivity.

Google Wants Developers to Create Richer Apps

By increasing file size limit from 50 MB to 100 MB, Google wants to encourage developers for creating richer apps and games, as well as help avoid the need for downloading additional files after the initial APK download.

There are two primary purposes of setting a cap for APKs. The limit ensures:
  • Developers write code efficiently and keep an eye on the overall size of their app
  • Users don't have to wait too long to download an app or game from the Play Store
However, Expansion Files are still there to help developers build apps that exceed the 100MB barrier, but the aim to increase the base limit of the APKs is to help users download and install complete larger apps in one shot.

Although Google increased the size limit of apps, the company wants to make sure developers are using the increased file size limitations for the right reasons.
As Google noted, "Even though you can make your app bigger, it doesn't always mean you should."

Factors Affecting Larger Apps

Developers should keep in mind that the idea behind this move is not to encourage the development of bloated apps.

There are four factors that developer should keep in mind before increasing their App size:
  1. Mobile Data Connectivity – Users from countries with slow Internet connections, are not likely to download applications that will take a long time to install.
  2. Mobile Data Caps – Many users are very careful about using up their mobile data on downloading just one app due to mobile data limitations.
  3. App Performance – Larger apps could result in lower performance, especially in older Android devices.
  4. Install time – Many users give up in installing an app if it takes too long to download and install.
The increased size limit applies to APKs developed for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above. App developers can find out more here.

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