In this post-Snowden era of mass surveillance, being out-of-reach from the spying eyes really doesn't mean they can not get you. So, if you are concerned about your data privacy and are actually searching for a peer-to-peer encrypted messaging service, then it's time to get one.

"Otr.to" — an open-source peer-to-peer browser-based messaging application that offers secure communication by making use of "Off-the-Record" (OTR) Messaging, a cryptographic protocol for encrypting instant messaging applications.

OTR (Off-the-Record) is one of the most secure cryptographic protocol that offers strong encryption for real time communications i.e. Chatting and Messaging services. Off-the-Record simply means that there is nothing on the record, so nobody can prove that two parties had an Internet chat conversation or said anything specific.

ORT.to uses WebRTC to exchange messages via decentralized peer-to-peer communication, which means chat logs between end users will never be stored on any centralized server, making your conversation safe from snooping eyes.
OTR.to developer told The Hacker News, "I always get annoyed when someone sends private information, like passwords, over insecure channels. I'm tired of explaining what is encryption and how to use it. Therefore began looking for a simple way to transfer data without having to install additional software. But didn't find any suitable service, so I decided to make a solution with the help of my friend."
In order to get started with Otr.to, you don't need to register an account or install any application on your desktop. All you need to do is:
  • Just open any web browser from any platform,
  • Visit https://Otr.to website,
  • Ask your chat partner to do the same,
  • At Homepage, service will generate a random four digit code as a temporary identity for each user,
The Hacker News
  • Share that ID with your friend,
  • Any one of two, enter ID at 'To start chat enter someone else's id' textbox and chat box is ready to go.
  • Otr.to is absolutely free and anonymous, which means it doesn't reveal anybody's identity to public.
In case, you can't chat in real time with someone, then there is a solution for that too. Otr.to offers self destruct messaging feature, using which one can generate an encrypted secret message, and server will automatically self-destruct it once it get read, leaving no trace on any server.

Self destruct feature on Otr.to allows recipients to decrypt and read the message encrypted with AES256 algorithm once.

You can also easily verify the integrity of this new application, as it is based upon open source JavaScript libraries i.e. Crypto-js, PeerJS and Off-the-Record Messaging Protocol.
So tech-savvies can check what is going in-&-out from their web browser using network sniffers like Wireshark. Also, used methodologies will ensure you that your messages will remain between you and your contact alone.

Otr.to is something we really want or need right now in this NSA age. The app could prove to be a great tool for a variety of people, including journalists, businesses and whistle blowers who want to keep their communications instant, private and secure.

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