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According to a Security Analyst 'Maarten Boone' working at Fox-IT company, the Developer of notorious Blackhole Exploit Kit developer 'Paunch' and his partners were arrested in Russia recently.

Blackhole Exploit Kit which is responsible for the majority of web attacks today, is a crimeware that makes it simple for just about anyone to build a botnet.
This Malware kit was developed by a hacker who uses the nickname "Paunch" and his Team, has gained wide adoption and is currently one of the most common exploit frameworks used for Web-based malware delivery.

The Blackhole exploit kit is a framework for delivering exploits via compromised or third-party websites, serve up a range of old and new exploits for Oracle's Java, Adobe's Flash and other popular software to take control of victim's machines.
The Hacker News
It the point of writing No Police Authority or Press has confirmed the claim made by Maarten about the arrest of Malware author. Please Stay tuned to THN for updates about the Story.

In April, 2013 - Russian hackers and developers behind the Carberp botnet, that stole millions from bank accounts worldwide were also arrested.

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