Anonymous hackers deface the official website of U.S. Sentencing Commission website ( on Friday under a new campaign called "Operation Last Resort" in memory of Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz and also threatening to release a massive WikiLeaks-style exposure of sensitive U.S. government secrets.

"The time has come to show the United States Department of Justice and its affiliates the true meaning of infiltration. The time has come to give this system a taste of its own medicine." hackers said.
The Hacker News

The hack was performed in opposition to alleged unjust policies of the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) with the late Aaron Swartz. They also had distributed encrypted government files and claimed to give away decryption keys publicly as soon as possible. Where as this is not specified exactly what files they have obtained.

Swartz was facing up to 50+ years in prison and a $4 million fine after releasing pay-walled academic articles from the popular JSTOR database. "As a result of the FBI's infiltration and entrapment tactics, several more of our brethren now face similar disproportionate persecution, the balance of their lives hanging on the severely skewed scales of a broken justice system," the message read.

For now DNS records pulled, and website is down. Hackers also left a backdoor and made it editable in a way that encourages other hackers to come and shell the server. Anonymous posted the following video :

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