Most of People are curious to become Hackers, but they do not know where to start, If you are in the same situation, then "Hacking S3crets" Book will guide you through the basic and advanced steps of Hacking and will help you develop The Hacker Attitude. Author Sai Satish, and Co-Author K. Srinivasa rao with Aditya Gupta put together Ethical hacking with examples of live websites.

Contents of the Book
1. Basic Hacking
2. email-Hacking
3. Google Hacking
4. Websites and databases Hacking
5. Windows Passwords Cracking in seconds
6. Backtrack
7. Metasploit
8. Wireless Cracking
9. Mobile Hacking
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To get reviews, we distribute book to few readers share the feedback after reading this book , as given below:

Review from Nikhil Kulkarni

An awesome book to start off with if you are interested in hacking. It unwraps various methods and techniques performed by hackers today. Being into security field from past 4 years, I've never read such an amazing book before. It is very much informative and interactive as well. Makes us every topic easily understandable, whether its basic key logging techniques or advanced & complex Metasploit techniques everything in the book is explained in a really good way and moreover understandable.

This book acts a kick starter for beginners who want to explore more and more knowledge about hacking. And moreover the authors of this book are very well known personalities in this field of hacking and learning from such brains is a great honor indeed.

Review from Rajesh

Felt the author mainly concentrated on bringing hacking to the common man.... The author not only described about the tools but also the author personal experiences which attracted the readers concentration...

Felt this book is a Curtain raiser for the Cyber War... This book is really a great guide to the beginners who have great interest on hacking.. Book not only described how to hack but how not to being hacked..

Review from Rahul Venti

Now a days cyber crimes are increasing day by day so one should aware of cyber crimes and there counter measures.Hacking secrets is one of the best book for the beginners to gain knowledge in information security.All the topics in the book were explained in simple English with screen shots. I really appreciate the work of sai satish,srinivas and aditya gupta.

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Cost ? Book cost only Rs. 250 INR ( $ 5 USD )

I have found a book which is completely dedicated to beginners and also for a non-technical background reader. Have happy hacking ...

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