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We have seen for the past couple years the cyber wasteland become something that is not dominated by young ambitious hackers anymore. The age of the Wild West is over and the big boys want a piece of the action. With so many infrastructures connected to the web these days it is only natural for more powerful and interested concerns to take their skills to the web. We are seeing the beginnings of true cyber war and it is something that is not going to be stop anytime soon.


In the past, what we have seen mostly is governments stay behind the scenes and do defense when it comes to the cyber war. If the government did go on the offensive it would be in secret only discovered when some security firm would get lucky and find some code that would hint to government influence. But these days it is not like that anymore. Everyone knows that the governments of the world are going all out when it comes to cyber war.

And the worst part about it is that when it comes to regular civilians, they do not know what is going on behind the scenes until it affects them directly. They are only witness to the aftermath of the cyber destruction that happens on the web and they barely understand then what is going on. All they can tell you is that their ATM card does not work anymore or that someone with a Chinese name has used their credit card without them knowing about it.

You can take a look at the government of Georgia to see a modern day cyber war in action. It is a small government that had been the victim of a serious cyber attack a few years ago by hackers from Russia. Now they are on the proactive side of things and they are setting up traps for hackers who might try to attack them again. They have learned the lessons of the past and they hope to not be the victims of such an attack again.

When it comes to a cyber war, it really does not matter what the size of your country is. All that really matters is that you have computer talent and the resources to give them what they need. When it comes to the computer, you need people who really know systems and are creative at what they do.

They cannot just be your average black hat hacker who takes other people attacks and try to use them for themselves. No, these people have to be the ones who create the attacks and they have to be on the government payrolls.

The countries which have a larger population have an advantage that they have more people to choose from. But there are only a few geniuses in the world and they do not have to be necessarily born in a large country. They can come from anywhere and that would allow a small country to be able to shock the world.

When it comes to cyber security and the governments from around the world you can bet that no one is standing on the side line anymore. And you can bet that the attacks that we see governments do are not just going to be against other government facilities. The average person is going to feel that affects as well. So be on the lookout from threats on all sides and know that it is just not coming from your ordinary black hat hacker.

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