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The growing popularity of microblogging sites like Twitter has sparked a corresponding rise in social networking scams. If you receive an email or direct message (DM) on Twitter with text "Hello, You have been selected to be the Twitter user for the month! We've got a reward for you text this word ITweet to the following number 6 8 3 9 8" , don't bother replying the mail.

Mary C. Long actually notice this scam and write a quick warming on his blog. Those who send messages to the number provided by the scammers are actually handing over their phone numbers to the crooks. They can use the information for smishing attacks and all sorts of other malicious plots, Eduard Kovacs from Softpedia explains.

Here a small list of most common Twitter-Facebook Scam messages , If any of this phishing scheme sounds familiar, ignore the message.
  • i got mine yesterday
  • you even see them taping u him
  • what on earth you're doing on this movie
  • O M G your in this
  • what on earth could you be doing in our vid
  • what are you doing in this viddeoo
  • rofl they was taping you
  • u didn't seee them tapping u
  • how did you not see them taping u
  • lol they taped your
  • whatt are you doing in this fb vid ?
In case you Get a Phishing DM on Twitter, Report the issue direct to Twitter Team Here.

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