Prepare your tools, build your team, defend your country and conquer the World.
It is well known that the best way to learn security is hands on. It's the kind of experience you earn in pentest labs or CTF competitions based on challenges or defensive and offensive security and it's aimed at improving your security skills.
Every important Information Security conference has a CTF competition, the most prestigious universities host CTF competitions and major companies organize CTFs now and then. Just take a look at Stripe or Mozilla. CTF is everywhere and not just in the InfoSec Industry.

The World is changing rapidly, and so is the InfoSec industry along with CTFs. It looks like CTF365 took this task seriously and they promise a brand new approach to CTF competitions that will change everything we know about those competitions. Is not a challenge nor scenario based game.

They simply promise to build and internet within The Internet and replicate everything that exist in real life Internet. Servers, routers, switches you name it. Moreover, you want to build your own Network? You'll have it! DoS attacks? No problem. DDoS attacks? Heck yes!
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All those goodies will improve users experience regarding defensive and offensive security skills by doing instead of sitting. The game is team-based which means it will improve and strengthen communication skills as teams are forced to work together under pressure -- developing critical attributes of any enterprise security team especially for those like Red Teams, CERT, CSIRT and so on.

Andrei Nistor CTO for CTF365 says: "Here at CTF365 we bring a new approach to the CTF war-game. This kind of CTF will blow your expectation and we strive to find ways to surprise our users every time with something new."

"CTF365 is build with passion and love for those who love challenges, want to improve their security skills, love competition and hacking. If you are into security, CTF365 is the right place for you."

Marius Corici CEO for CTF365: "CTF365 is World of Warcraft for Hackers except that instead of fighting in a fantasy world, with imaginary powers against imaginary characters, CTF365 will replicate the real world as much as possible, and you will have to fight with your own real tools... hacking tools. TrackBack, Metasploit, Nmap, BackBox Linux or whatever you choose to use as weapons. You will have your own Fortress/BaseCamp to defend (your own server). You will be able to build your own computer network, you will have routers, switches. You will build your own team and we will provide you with RTTK – Red Team Tool Kit for team communication and many more features. There will be as few rules as possible trying to get to the perfect cyber wargame: No rules at all."

There will be Hall of Fame and prizes, there will be pain and disappointment. There will be rough, unmerciful teams that love to have a piece of you and show it to the world.

CTF365 (Capture The Flag 365) is the most brand new and disruptive cyber war-game for InfoSec Industry crafted for hackers, system administrators and security specialists, security students, Red Teams and CERT professionals and a must for every InfoSec conference.

If it sound good to you, take a look at and tell us what you think.

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