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This Sunday, The Capital , New Delhi plays host to an International The Hackers Conference where blackhat hackers will discuss the challenges of cyber safety with security agencies.

Your Smartphone is an always-on and always-connected digital extension of your life which will be used by attackers to covertly steal your sensitive data and spy on you. Mahesh, An Independent Security Researcher and Android Developer/Hacker will demonstrate "Android Spy Agent".

This application allows us to remotely access the entire victim's personal information and even though the confidential data available in the android cell phone. The type of personal information includes the victim's contacts, call logs, messages, browser's history, GPS location and much more information directly available on the victim's cell phone.

Many-a-times we think that is there any way by which we can read the private sms of anyone. So here is the solution Mr. Mahesh will present in The Hackers Conference 2012 platform with Hundreds of advance features.

This application can also allow the attacker to remotely delete the data available on the victim's phone. In order to perfectly work this application you have to gain access to the victim's android cell phone for at least 20 seconds. You have to install the application and then restart the cell phone. After restart your application gets automatically started on the victim's cell phone. Now you can access the victim's cells information for any normal cell phone and get the response on it. The android spy agent will be hidden in the victim's cell phone and not allows the victim to easily uninstall or delete it from the cell.

In Another Talk Android Hacker Aditya Gupta and Subho Halder will talk about "All your Droids belong to me : A look into Mobile Security in 2012". Researchers have developed and will Demonstrate malware for Android phones that can be used as a spam botnet.

"The talk is about Android Malwares, Botnets and all the crazy stuff you have been hearing in the past. We will give an inside view on how the black hat underground uses this, to earn 5-6 digit income per month . For this, We will start off by creating an Android Malware, and then will gradually move on to the Botnet Part.", Aditya Gupta said.

Maintaining that a wide variety of services are being offered on the mobile platforms without proper security implementation, Anurag Kumar Jain and Devendra Shanbhag from Tata Consultancy Services will deliberate on the topic, "Mobile Application Security Risk and Remediation". They will highlight the need for application security in mobile applications, the threats in a mobile environment, key security issues that can creep in mobile applications, and suggests a secure development approach which can possibly safeguard mobile applications from becoming "sitting ducks" for attackers and mobile malware.

Experts from countries like Iran and Argentina will share space with Indian speakers in the day-long discussion at the India Habitat Centre. Yet another important issue The Hackers Conference 2012 will deliberate on is the Internet censorship in India.

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