Scamming site taken down by Hackers
The Hacker News

When hundreds of kids were duped into taking courses to improve their grades with a promise of an ipod if they succeeded, many pressured their parents to help find the company called Advantage Point Academy ( a place to administer the lessons. Advantage point got parents in many schools through California, Oregon, and Washington to rent rooms and give their kids lessons that supposedly made them smarter........with a prize of an ipod when they finished.

Advantage Point got their money for enrolling the kids but the kids got lessons and no ipods. Kids and parents have been calling, writing, reporting to the States and posting complaints on the companies Facebook page to no avail.

In stepped xL3gi0n, who felt that if nothing else, a little web removal would bring solace to a disappointed and scammed group of parents and kids. On June 21st in the wee hours of the morning the site was taken down and all files removed. They scanned the website and did an Advanced SQL injection (manually) Blind SQli.

xL3gi0n feels strongly that the little person should get equal attention in a larger world fraught with corruption and strife.

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