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MALWARE - June 2012 | The Hacker News Magazine Released

MALWARE - June 2012 | The Hacker News Magazine Released

Welcome readers, techies working in the darkness of night and any other internet security minded folk. June finds us exploring the new "F" word: Malware. You will learn lots from our regular author, Perluigi Paganini as he takes you through the history of malware and its consequences.

We introduce two new authors, Charlie Indigo who will get your mind to thinking about the future of internet security and just what kind of world we will be living in. Gerald Matthews gives us an overview of malware and how the FBI, of all people, helped us out.

Our founder, Mohit Kumar writes about the topic in general and Ann Smith ,Our Executive Editor, of course, will wow you with a thorough provoking editorial. Thanks again for your readership......we hope to hear from you soon.

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