Bogus Report: 55,000 Twitter accounts compromised
The Hacker News

Thousands of Twitter passwords were exposed this week and the site was looking into matter. According to a message posted on Twitter's Japanese blog, None of the recently leaked Twitter logins and passwords came from within the company.

Twitter has assured its users that their personal details are secure after a post by document sharing site Pastebin reportedly contained 55,000 accounts' login details. "We have confirmed that no one's information has been leaked from Twitter," the blog said, after apologizing to users for their concerns.

Twitter added that it has also taken measures to defend itself in case any of the unexamined data is actually correct. It also warned users to avoid "fishing" Web sites, which try to con login information out of unwary surfers, and to use strong passwords that are unique for separate sites.

So far, it is yet to be established who can be held responsible for the attack, although many media outlets have since credited it to the hacktivist collective Anonymous.

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