Joomscan 4.4.2012 Security Scanner - 623 Vulnerabilities Added
The Hacker News

Security Team Web-Center just released an updated for Joomscan Security Scanner. The new database Have vulnarbilities 623.

Joomla! is probably the most widely-used CMS out there due to its flexibility, user friendlinesss, extensibility to name a few.So, watching its vulnerabilities and adding such vulnerabilities as KB to Joomla scanner takes ongoing activity.It will help web developers and web masters to help identify possible security weaknesses on their deployed Joomla! sites.

Check for new updates with command: ./ or check ./ update .

A regularly-updated signature-based scanner that can detect file inclusion, sql injection, command execution, XSS, DOS, directory traversal vulnerabilities of a target Joomla! web site.

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