Google Sent Hacked Notification Messages to Millions of Webmasters
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Google's head of the webspam team, Matt Cutts, announced on Twitter that they have sent out new message notifications to 20,000 web sites that are hacked. Specifically, Google sent these messages to sites doing "weird redirects."

Weird redirects means the hack is where the hacker gains access to your HTACCESS and only redirects users who click from Google to your web site. Otherwise, if they type in the domain name directly, there will be no redirect.

A year ago, Google began labeling hacked sites and sites with malware as sites that may compromised in the search results snippets.

If a site has been hacked, it typically means that a third party has taken control of the site without the owner's permission, Hackers may change the content of a page, add new links on a page, or add new pages to the site. The intent can include Phishing to tricking users into sharing personal and credit card information or spamming.

Well for Webmasters, we also shared a script few months back "Irongeek's Shared hosting MD5 Change Detection Script". Another great option for web admins that will monitor the files on a website, and report any changed via email.

Have you ever had your site hacked into ? What precautions had you taken to get your site back up and running as quickly as possible ? Let us know in the comments below.

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