Pop star KE$HA twitter Hacked
The Hacker News

Pop star KE$HA has fallen victim to internet pranksters after her Twitter.com blog was hacked on Sunday. Tweet by her account : Single out in a couple hours. Ugh so f**kin stressful… wish I could stay on da (the) beach forever." It was potentially seen by Kesha's 3.1 million followers, or even more, given that Twitter is a mainly public social network.

The singer later spotted the fake message and quickly deleted it after realising her account had been compromised.She tweeted, "Animals!! I love u (sic)! I got hacked. Single is not out yet. Promissse (sic) you'll be the first to know!"

According to Zdnet, Kesha's account may be verified, but if someone gains access to a verified Twitter account, it doesn't become unverified. It's currently unclear if someone outside of Kesha's inner circle actually managed to gain access to her account. It's certainly possible that someone she knows and has entrusted her Twitter account password with decided to post the malicious tweet.

Ke$ha isn't the first famous face to be hacked in recent weeks - actor Jason Segel, teen star Hailee Steinfeld and British pop singer Jessie J have also been targeted.

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