FOCA PRO 3.1 and MetaShield Protector Released
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Forensic FOCA
New latest version of FOCA announced today, in this case a Forensic FOCA. This tool is specially created for forensic analyst, allowing them to crawl metadata from files and to create a powerful time-line of metadata.

This information lets you to reconstruct what happen in a machine just analyzing what documents were created between two dates, or what files where created by one user in a period of time, or what users where working in one single machine at one single day.

The tool allows to export all the data, even with the hash of the files, to XML reports, that can be easily integrated in any other reporting system. License of Forensic FOCA is only 20 € per year, and you can buy it on line or test the trial version.


New FOCA PRO with Plugins
FOCA got new version of FOCA PRO with plugin support. Right now FOCA PRO comes with a set of plugins to analyze .SVN/Entries files, a web fuzzer and a MySQL Injector to expand the FOCA powers.

If you attended an Online Seminar in the last year, you will receive an e-mail within this week, with the link and license to get the new FOCA PRO 3.1. If you want to play with this new powerful FOCA PRO, then you can register for the next online training and get it.

You can download free version from and that you have an online version to extract metadata from files from

MetaShield Protector
The last reminder is for our solution to clean up metadata from files published in web servers running Microsoft IIS. MetaShield Protector is a plugin that allows you to configure a secure policy of metadata in the documents you are serving from your webserver.

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