Cyber Criminals Selling Millions of U.S military email addresses
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Web based underground market service currently selling Millions of harvested U.S government and U.S military harvested emails addresses to potential spammers, and find out just how easy it is to purchase that kind of data within the cyber crime ecosystem.

Cyber criminals are getting more sophisticated in their scams and phishing schemes, which are designed to steal personal data and financial information. Spammers and virus creators are motivated by money and backed by organized crime on a global scale. They are also launching massive attacks on anti-spam organizations in an attempt to bring them down.

In respect to targeted malware attacks, the service is currently offering 2.462.935 U.S government email addresses, and another 2.178.000 U.S military email addresses. A Screenshot of the inventory of harvested emails currently offered for sale:
The Hacker News

Spammers buy lists from brokers that continuously harvest email addresses from newsgroups, chat rooms, web sites, Internet directories, and more. Spammers also run dictionary attacks, throwing billions of combinations of words and numbers at an email database to find valid address combinations.

People are being tricked by email phishing scams that masquerade as legitimate business communications from their bank, mortgage provider, credit card company, PayPal, or eBay. Other popular spam-based Internet scams include foreign lotteries, investment schemes, chain letters, credit repair offers, advance-fee loan deals, check overpayment cons, and work-at-home ploys.

U.S government and U.S military users whose emails have been exposed are advised to be extra vigilant for potential targeted malware attacks enticing them into downloading and executing a malicious attachment, or attempting to trick them into clicking on a client-side exploits serving link found in the emails.

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