ProCredit Bank Georgia hacked by RetnOHacK
The Hacker News

#AntiSerbs Group of Hackers named - B!JemBeX, RetnOHacK, Weedh0aX, mR.Thg hack into ProCredit Bank of Georgia ( . They Deface the Administrator panel page located at as shown in image attached.
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On Deface page Hacker said "This day have received that much time..when will you accept that you lose the fight ?in this game you do not have no chance to always were and always will be losers remain losersMitrovica do not sell , Mitrovica is ours as alwaysWe do not want peace with you , because I hate slaves.Date of " 28 November " is approaching to unite all Albanians...". Till now its unclear that Hacker damage anything else rather than site pages.

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