Indian and Bangladeshi Hackers destroying Cyber Space of Each Other
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They Call it "Cyber war" - but In actual they are destroying Cyber Space of their own Country by Defacing Sites for a matter that can't be solved by Ministry like this. The cyber attacks was started two days back from both sides. Indian Hacking Group Indishell become active once again against Bangladesh Black Hat Hackers.

The whole issue of these Hacks by Bangladeshi Hackers are because of BSF brutality at the India-Bangladesh border zone as they mentioned on Defaced Pages.

In Return Indian hackers hacked a little over 30 government websites of Bangladesh yesterday. Bangladeshi hacking group Bangladesh Cyber Army then showed up to save their country's cyber space they started attacking back.

Bangladesh Cyber Army and other Bangladeshi Hackers took down around 30 Indian Government websites and 4 other high-profile websites in last two days. Most of sites become victim of DDoS attacks resulting them to shut-down. Here is the list of the 34 sites. Also a hacker named R3x0Man hacked 255 Indian websites.

Another hacker JingoBD of Bangladesh Cyber Army hacked 45 websites. Other hackers of the same group hacked other 68 websites.

Because of this unmeaning Cyber War most of on either side are down or under attack. Besides, Indonesian, Pakistani and few more hackers are also supporting Bangladeshi Hackers in this.

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