British sensationalist Newspaper Daily Mail Hacked by TeaMp0isoN
The Hacker News

Yesterday Visitors to the Daily Mail's recipe pages ( had been confronted with a message left by hackers who defaced and disabled the site. British sensationalist newspaper the Daily Mail has been hit by hackers in support of the online movement Opcensorthis.

News of the hack spread via Twitter and it seems to have happened late afternoon on Sunday, 5 February, and lasted for a couple of hours. A mirror link posted on the TeaMp0isoN Twitter gives those that missed it a look at what the hackers were promoting.

"For years you've poisoned the mainstream media with your sensationalist, ultranationalist nonsense, continuing to inject reader's minds with anti- immigration and borderline racist propaganda," says the text on the deface web page.

"Your distorted bias on news is wrongly justified by patriotism and conservatism, though we see through your hateful slurs. Your backward, malevolent, hate-inciting news should not be tolerated anymore, stop brainwashing and lying to the British public."

Now the vulnerable subdomain redirects visitors to another site, probably while its administrators patch up the security holes.

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