For Protest Against #SOPA 68 Website hacked By Dinelson

Dinelson deface 68 Websites for Protest Against SOPA and PIPA. List of all Hacked site is posted here. A protest to a Congressional bill called SOPA caused quite a stir on Wednesday as thousands of websites protested SOPA with blacked-out pages.

Megaupload, a hugely popular website for sharing files, was a major SOPA target, because it allegedly disobeys copyright laws and legislation. After the SOPA protest, the Department of Justice issued a release stating that federal officials had taken the site down. Following this announcement, a hacking collective called Anonymous launched several attacks on government and entertainment industry websites, including those for the Justice Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Universal Music.

2 days back SOPA and PIPA were dropped by Congress. Both the House and the Senate on Friday backed away from a pair of controversial anti-piracy bills, tossing them into limbo and throwing doubt on their future viability.

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