Facebook Scam : Selena Gomez Caught On Leaked Tape
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Another Facebook Scam is circulating with the headline "Selena Gomez Caught On Leaked Tape" and Message "you will lost your all respect for Selena Gomez after watching this". By Clicking the wall post link takes you to the following page designed to look like Facebook. Facebook already declared as "Most Spamy Social Network of the Year" by The Hacker News Awards 2011.

Clicking the play button loads a "share" box allowing you to spread the scam message to your friends. The following survey scam also loads another Scam as shown below. Scams like this often use multiple domains, so you may see a variation in the landing pages and scam messages.
The Hacker News
These scams contain click-jacking and like-jacking components and ends in a survey scam. One of the most common types of Facebook spam is a Wall post that encourages you to install a Facebook application. The application will require that you to agree to allow the application to post on your Wall and your friend's Facebook pages. When you allow this authorization, the spam message is immediately sent to your friend's Walls. If a friend sees the message and performs the action, he or she will then see the same spam on their Wall and the cycle continues. This is how spam messages can move so quickly through Facebook.

Unfortunately, many of these messages are designed to trick Facebook users into cutting and pasting malicious code into the address bar in the Web browser or by clicking an embedded link in the message that takes you off Facebook where you could potentially become victim to malicious malware and phishing scams. Please Share the News Link on your Facebook/Twitter/Google+ to warn your friends about this threat.

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