Environmental activism site Care2 hacked
The Hacker News

Yesterday Care2, one of the biggest Environmental activism website issue a alert email to all there customers that Care2.com's website was hacked revealing usernames and passwords for the sites nearly 18 million users.

Care2 said "To protect Care2 members we are resetting access to all Care2 accounts. The next time you login to Care2, you will be automatically emailed a new password, which will enable you to access your Care2 account as usual.To secure your privacy, we highly recommend you immediately change your password for any accounts that share the password you previously used on Care2."

According to a FAQ posted by Care2, What can I do to recover my password? Visit here Enter your user name or email address in the green box titled "Forgot your password or log-in name?" Your password will be emailed to you.

Yet its unknown that who was the hackers,but Care2 have IP Address that used in the attack was from Russia. Hackers use all sorts of techniques to disguise their identity and location though, so they are not sure about from where the attack originated. Care2 contacted the FBI to investigate this case.

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