GateOne Beta - Terminal emulator for HTML5 web browsers
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The software makes use of WebSockets to connect a server backend written in Python and a frontend written for modern browsers in JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS. The frontend doesn't require any browser plug-ins to be installed.Gate One also supports HTTP over SSL (https) secure connections from the browser to the server and authentication technologies such as Kerberos. It has its own internal plug-in system (plug-ins can be written in Python, JavaScript and CSS); currently available plug-ins for Gate One include SSH client connections, session recording and playback, and a bookmark manager for storing terminal sessions.
Top features:
* No browser plugins required!
* Supports multiple simultaneous terminal sessions. As many as your hardware can handle.
* Users can re-connect to their running terminals whenever they like from anywhere.
* Can be embedded into other applications. Add a terminal--running whatever application(s) you want--to your web app! Would be vastly superior to say, a Java-based serial console applet (hint hint).
* Includes powerful plugin system that supports plugins written in Python, JavaScript, and even CSS (yes, you can write a CSS-only plugin).
* The Gate One server can be stopped & started without users losing their running terminal applications (even SSH sessions stay connected!). In essence, worry-free upgrades!
* The SSH plugin allows users to duplicate sessions without having to re-enter their username and password (it re-uses the existing SSH tunnel).
* Provides users with the ability to play back and save/share their terminal sessions via a self-contained HTML playback file.
* Similarly, supports server-side logging, recording, and video-like playback of user sessions. It can even log to syslog to support whatever centralized logging system you want.
* Keberos-based Single Sign-on support is included. It even works with Active Directory. Other authentication options are available as well.
Download GateOne Here

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