The Security Onion LiveDVD - Download
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The Security Onion LiveDVD is a bootable DVD that contains software used for installing, configuring, and testing Intrusion Detection Systems. It is based on Xubuntu 10.04 and contains Snort, Suricata, Sguil, Squert, Xplico, nmap, metasploit, Armitage, scapy, hping, netcat, tcpreplay, and many other security tools.
Official change log for Security Onion 20110919:

  • The "IDS Rules" menu now has a new entry called "Add Local Rules" which will open /etc/nsm/rules/local.rules for editing using the "mousepad" GUI editor. You can then add any rules that you want to maintain locally (outside of the downloaded VRT or Emerging Threats rulesets).
  • A new menu called "IDS Config" was added with a new menu entry called "Configure IDS engine(s)". This will list all of the IDS engines on your system and allow you to choose one to configure. It will then open the proper config file for whatever IDS engine you're running. After you save and close the config file, it will offer to restart the IDS engine for you.

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