European Union hacked by Inj3ct0r Team

One of the Sub domain of European Union hacked and Defaced by Exploit writers at Inj3ct0r Team. Hacker deface the web page and wrote :

We are against nuclear weapons.
We are against violence in Libya.
We are against the arrest of policy Tymoshenko's in Ukraine.
We are opposed to Russian influence in the territory of Ukraine!
Fuck off Russian President Medvedev, Prime Minister Putin , and Ukraine President Yanukovich !
You are idiots! You are trying to scold the Slavic peoples.
Soon your conspiracy against Ukraine will be published on WikiLeaks !
Ukraine will never be a colony of Russia ! You can arrest me, but you do not arrest the idea.
I am not alone, we are legion.
Незалежна Україна
Від розпроданих банкірів,
Партії продавших,
Від гнучких політиків,
Голоси віддавших,
Від прем'єр-міністрів,
Що мови не знають,
І від зеків-президентів,
Що опозицію саджають...
Hacker Publish some server files and Details also ,
Some more hack Proofs Submitted By Hackers :

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