DDOs Tracer - 1.0 Released by MaxPainCode
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At most any time of the day, there's a distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack underway somewhere on the Internet. Yes, it's still true, despite reports that some ISPs have experienced fewer DDOS attacks overall during the last six months. It's a matter of quality, not quantity: "When DDOSes do occur, they are done with much greater purpose than they used to be," says Rodney Joffe, senior vice president and senior technologist for Neustar, a directory services and clearinghouse provider for Internet industry. "They are usually to obscure what's [really] happening in the background."

So if you want to be safe and trace someone like a pro here is the tool that is being used by tracing the ms per second and then if the site goes down or just get lot of traffic it will report the time that the attacker started his web attack, that is really good as you can report the attack and give to police more information or just use the information for your host or home connection.
Video Demonstration :

Download DDOs Tracer - 1.0

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