Operation Satiagraha - Brazil Corruption Scandal exposed , #Antisec provide 5GB of evidence
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Once Again Pandora's box is open. In a joint move between LulzSec and Anonymous, as part of Operation Antisec, were released documents, photos, audio files and videos, exposing that wich was one of the greatest corruption scandals in the recent history of Brazil. In 2008, after four years of investigations, the Operation Satiagraha resulted in the arrest of several bankers, CFOs and investors, accused of corruption, misuse of public money, as well as money laundering. Antisec Hackers released a cache of evidence revealing government cover up of a corruption investigation involving the CIA, theBrazilian telecom industry, and multiple US corporations.

The fact is that exposing so many powerful people, in both political and financial areas, Operation Satiagraha was eventually manipulated. Those who conducted the investigations were removed and habeas corpus were granted to the accused… A month ago, the final decision was for the total repeal of the processes and annulment of evidence involved with Operation Satiagraha. The evidence that proved the crimes were considered "illegal" by Brazilian courts, for been achieved with the help of the Brazilian intelligence agency, Abin, through wiretaps.

Satiagraha was the term used by Indian pacifist Mahatma Ghandi during his campaign for Indian independence. In Sanskrit, Satia means "truth", Agraha means "firmly". So Satiagraha is "firmly in the truth", or "ground of the truth". Satiagraha means the principle of non-aggression, or a non-violent protest, as a means of revolution. Satiagraha is also translated as "the path of truth" or "the pursuit of truth".

Anonymous and Antisec Hackers says "We do not stand for government or parties. We stand for freedom, of people andinformation. We are releasing them to spread information, to allow the people tobe heard and to know the corruption in their government. We are releasing themto bring power to the voice of the people of Brazil. We are releasing them toend the corruption that exists, and truly make those who are being oppressedfree.We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We Do Not Forget. We Do Not Forgive. Expect us."

Significant files to look at first:
1.) How the Privatization Scheme Works
2.) People Involved with the operation
3.) List of Investors
4.) Who has money on Oportunity - American banks

BARCLAYS 5.000.000,00 5,000,000.00
SANTANDER 1.000.000,00 1,000,000.00
MORGAN SWAP (UNIQ 1.550.000,00 1,550,000.00
MORGAN FUTURES (UNIQUE) 4.080.853,53 4,080,853.53
DEUTSCHE BANK NDF 508.127,02 508,127.02
6.303.494,93 6,303,494.93
UBS FUTURES 13.360.555,83 13,360,555.83
UBS DUBLIN 235.336,07 235,336.07
BROWN BROTHERS HARRIMAN 65.769.898,19 65,769,898.19
GOLDMAN & SACHS, INC 1.252.112,88 1,252,112.88
UBS (UNIQUE) 7.552.995,03 7,552,995.03
BROWN BROTHERS (EURO) 1.160.818,86 1,160,818.86

5.) NAJI Speaks about 50 milion euros, his conections with the Saudi Arabian king, Page 5 on report:
6.) Proof of BNDES Involvment (Brazilian Bank of Development)
7.) Document to the Supreme Court of New York about Brasil Telecom
8.) Report of Dantas successfully being contacted by a journalist, and expediting a news article in good favor of him to be written through bribery

Download Complete 5GB of evidence Data

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