#DefCon 19 : Presentations from the Defcon Conference for Download
Defcon 19 presentations available for download, Go check out the presentations from this year’s defcon conference here: http://good.net/dl/k4r3lj/DEFCON19/

For folks that don't have time to click:
curl -silent http://good.net/dl/k4r3lj/DEFCON19/ | grep -i 'pdf' | cut -d '"' -f 8 | cut -d '<' -f 1 | grep -v '/' > dc19pdf.txt; for i in $(cat dc19pdf.txt); do curl --location "http://THIS-DOWNLOAD-WOULD-BE-FASTER-WITH-A-PREMIUM-ACCOUNT-AT-good.net" -L "http://good.net/dl/k4r3lj/DEFCON19/$i" > $i; done

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