Call for DEFCON Chennai (DC602028) 2011 meet on 14th August
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Welcome to DC602028 aka DEF-CON Chennai

DEFCON Chennai (DC602028) inviting all the like minded heads for the August 2011 meet In Chennai. Get Ready for Next Generation DefCon Meet..

-Where it 's taking place?
Dazzle restaurant, Neelankarai Chennai.

-At what time?
From 4PM to 6PM.

-Who will be the speaker ?
There is no speaker, really. We dont have any speakers. It's going to be a Hacker meet, so we want each and everyone among us to share their little adventure. In other words "All are Speakers".

-What are we going to talk about?
Literally about everything on the "Hack Field". PS: We will be discussing about Exploits and Narcissism.

- Will I get a Free foods, Drinks and hukka?
Sorry due to recession, we are in recession. We advice you to have 300rs to 500rs ;-)

- How can I contact DEF-CON Chennai?
You can contact us at . Please leave your name and phone number to contact you. We will reply in 5 hours. Website :

-Will the meet get canceled?
No, the meet will not get canceled. If it happens we will mail about it or call you about it.

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