Oracle website vulnerable to SQL injection vulnerability
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Oracle database website itself vulnerable to SQL injection attack. The website having a loophole by which any attacker can easily hack into it. The vulnerability is found and submitted by Hacker "m@m@".

Oracle provides the world's most complete, open, and integrated business software and hardware systems to more than 370,000 customers including 100 of the Fortune 100 that represent a variety of sizes and industries in more than 145 countries around the globe. The combination of Oracle and Sun means that customers can benefit from fully integrated systems the entire stack, from applications to disk that are faster, more reliable, and lower cost.
But the website now itself compromised with SQL injection attack. I am providing the link and a screen sort show that you can easily sort out the vulnerability.

Here is the link:'%20and%201=0%20union%20select%201,2,table_name,4%20from%20information_schema.tables--%20-&show=all

Also Iframe Injection & Blind SQL Injection vulnerability on exposed by Idahc(lebanese hacker) : Read here

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